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Posted: Dec 21, 2009

There may be as many women as interested in nude recreation as men but women like to do things in pairs or with friends and guys can be lone wolfs too--- thus the numbers difference... If more female posts were made to various "how to" (..find men to date) or dating website chat areas like ehow, of how many men interested in dating there are compared to women then that would be a good start. --- Then women could be in a place such as singlenudist or here or sun clubs where the "ratio" of singles can sometimes be more than 5 to one (yet also for them to know that they should be selective as always). ---- I've come to feel over the years the surest way to have a nudist girlfriend is to meet one at a nudist place you are a member of over and over just enjoying yourself and not "looking" for someone. -- And if you are not fully requiring your future GF to be a nudist but may like it, then possibly the easiest way to have a nudist girlfriend is to hopefully attract someone very confident in herself and open yet love the feeling of new adventure; who is happy with out of the norm experiences for herself... then say and after a few years of getting naked in nature and a couple nude beaches as she starts to know you then she may go. Some clubs do not have naked required tours for female guests so if she arrived late that can be away for her to do some nighttime skinny dipping at a club.
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Posted: Dec 14, 2009

I wrote this to someone to let them know there are groups that decide together on standards for organizations of nudists or naturists: When you pick one you might want to look for that.

(there are better websites to support than which from checking it out for a while I highly suspect has a lot of non-nudists. Also maybe not which has at this moment and maybe others like it of advertisement of young nude women photos - I think DOMAI stands for Dirty Old Men something something - but many people buy liquor from a liquor store with porn mags so... And, more AANR "badges" here on this website would be nice... mine is paid but in approval I guess? - also has lots of resources)

The main stream Nudism and Naturism communities or organizations exist to promote as a group the welfare and freedom of this their members choice. Nudists and Naturists want enjoyment just the same as the county's communities have off-road vehicle, hang glider, horse, and nudist people all enjoying their activities separately.

It is nice to be part of a welcoming group and nudists also want it to be like that (if they think about it). Groups whether karaoke or sports or another want people to enjoy the moments so they should want everyone to feel welcomed. The nudist organizations also do a lot of administration such as the standards and upkeep and communication / advertisement. You want good standards but not a police state!

Organizations that allow "a looser following of "the rules" would be more interesting to some but because a group has decided on what is pleasantness, most have firmly set rules. A parent would probably want to know say teenagers hanging out around the facilities have some wholesome environment and hopefully activities to enjoy as well (ha, I once "decided" at a nudist club that a new teenage couple that was cool with me "should find another place than my empty room" for sex and beer - this was small but it goes with what atmosphere do you want to have?).

A nudist "community" in the long run would want to attract a wide variety of stimulating diverse people. By nature a diverse group and leadership would handle the opportunities and changes and that those types of members and a business market requires. With sometimes just a little lobbying, budgets are there and change can happen! - And change has been happening. You see it in how AANR-West has new water volleyball rules, uniform resort training course work (Nudist U!) and how shaving, tattoos, and small body adornment piercings slowly over time people accept as normal; care less in finding offence about.

(A 2006 poll shows that 74% of Americans believe that designated areas for nude recreation should be allowed without interference at accepted locations, such as on portions of a beach).

It seems like the "nudist community ideals" are similar to the rest of society but it seems like nudists are more open to others' sensibilities and to engage in conversation with people they've just met. Those that come together seem friendlier.

Two national organizations are

Here are a couple nudist related "women's perspective" links:

enjoy - - SBMAN
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Posted: Dec 14, 2009

To get the most initial interest I'd call it
(if it was: Those that want to camp free will come on in wanting free camping! Then a husband will say... "Doris, if we go naked then our newcomer gate fees ARE free...!" )

I'd say something regional... maybe in a more native language.

maybe Siesta SunClub
or RecReo SunClub (include me in organizing this central coast of California sun club formation!)

RecReo can mean recreation,break, playtime, relaxation, or recess

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Posted: Dec 14, 2009

What's more important than nude recreation? Food Water Love
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Posted: Dec 14, 2009

San Francisco Bay Guardian has their annual California Guide out.. they only cover selected counties (generally Northern California). They do talk about some local increases in usage and related rise in crime (funds lacking?) and the State Park System's Cahill policy new ruling landing the issues involved back court.
As far as helping out would more organization of volunteers help?
Do you have some update links?