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Where are you going nude this weekend?
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So why does your tattoos deny you entrance into the hot springs?

PL Tanner

Posted: Apr 20, 2008

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Went to Playalinda on Friday. Absolutely perfect weather with a hot sun and a cool breeze. Didn't swim much because of the jellyfish warnings. The crowds are definitely returning, and I haven't seen the sheriffs out there all year.


Posted: Jun 10, 2008

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The Youth Ambassadors program is this week!

It starts tomorrow actually, and goes on for 4 days. As a reminder it is a program for young adult nudists age 18-35 and focuses on growing our numbers. The program itself filled up, but we are having a young adult nudist weekend at Cypress Cove.

We already have around 35-40 young people in the program. And on top of that we are going to invite whoever else wants to come for the weekend. $5 gate fees. Cheap rooms for those who want to stay.

It's hard to convey how unique this event is. It is the largest event for young adult nudists in the history of America (unless somebody didn't record that history).

Sunday is a field trip to Playalinda.

Please plan to come :)


You guys are doing some great things. I think it is just beginning. I wish you would have had this avaialble when I was in the age group. Keep up the great work. Hopefully we will see some of you at Cypress Cove July 4th.
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