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A funny way to start a career as a nude model
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In my youth I was taking life drawing classes, and we sketched the women who posed nude for us. The instructor announced that we'd have a male model next week, which was a nice change. But the model failed to show up. The instructor asked if anyone in the class would offer to pose. No one volunteered, so he announced the session was canceled. I then said I'd pose, and was told to go into the model's dressing room to get ready. When I came out nude, almost everyone gasped. The instructor explained that male models always wore a "posing strap" or their underwear, which I didn't know because I had seen only female models before. But everyone agreed it was okay for me to pose nude, and that began my modeling career.

Of course that was 50 years ago, and now males and females both pose completely nude. Assuming everyone on this web site is comfortable with being seen nude, you might consider occasionally modeling for some extra spending money. College art departments and art schools are always looking for new models, so contact a few to get on their models lists. Art students actually want to sketch or paint many different body types, especially those with lots of wrinkles, so everyone is qualified to be a model. Go for it.


Posted: Apr 10, 2010

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You two guys have just given me another idea about a way to emerge from a forced early retirement. Thanks very much, i hadn't previously even thought of being paid. But given that i don't mind being nude in front of people, and i can be paid to do it then, hey, why not?


Posted: Nov 8, 2011

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In the 80's I was approached by a mutual nudist friend. He said that the college was looking for models. I objected only because I thought I didn't fit the mold. He told me that since you like to be nude why not get paid. I was scared at first but was fun. Got paid and overcame my shyness. Satisfied the exhibition in all of us.
Best of luck to you, good sir. Having done a great deal of surfing and research, I have determined that there are many models in the 60+ range, but AFAIK, not one of them started at that age. Every one that I have read about has been at it for a decade or more.

I've been thinking about if for a long time, and have been told by several models to give it a shot, based on some of my pics on another site. However, at 69+, I'm no longer a Ken, and I'm assuredly not an Ahnuld. Couple that with slim pickings work-wise, and there ain't no market for new oldies in these here parts.

If you live in an area where the art community is active, and there are several venues with folks who are not content to draw hot-bodied 20-somethings every week, go for it! Let us know how it went.

Peace and blessings!
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