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Posted: Sep 7, 2011

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...loving the water. I swam every summer when the pools were open and went as much as possible. Whenever I was out camping I swam in streams and rivers and lakes, but never did I feel as good as the first time I swam without clothes. No, it wasn't skinny-dipping, because it was at a nudist club. I had never expereienced the water running across my flesh without soggy, wet clothes hanging on me and it was fantastic. Now I can't imagine swimming any other way. Often people have asked me if I want to join them somewhere and swim and I say, "With clothes on? No thanks." It's just not the same any longer.
Just the other night it was getting late in the day and no one was in the apartment pool so I went swimming and once I was sure no one else was coming along I stripped off my trunks and swam a bit. Sure, it was getting cool, but still warmer than most rivers or even lakes and I had a great time.

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Posted: Oct 15, 2011

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...and as I type...the spa is warming...the wine bottle is open and I'm headed out to sit in the spa with my wife, glasses of wine and a cigar!

Later Dudes!
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