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Blacks Beach and its extentions
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yes Blacks beach is a cool place to hang out if you just feel like lounging in the mid day sun. In my opinion the beach is very limited, size wise. what i mean to express, is that blacks beach is a cove. you only have so far that you can walk going north or south. walk to far west and you are waist deep in ocean. Turn east my friends, turn east on the beach. The real jewel of blacks beach is its clifts and their cannions.
The clifts have so many oppertunities in them. from the top, where the parking lot is there is a great view out into the ocean. I was hanging out there one day as the sun was setting. Just as the sun was dissapearing behind the horizen, the very last of the sun's crescent turned emerald green. It was most beautiful.
the clifts also offer a great place to set to flight in a hang glider. Go when the air is coming inland off of the ocean and you can keep yourself in flight for a long while. Predawn is a most excelent time to sneek up to take flight.
The clifts and their supporting cannions are a great place to explore, if you are experianced in climbing. there are some great hidden streams in them, very lush in vegitation. it is cool if you want to trek in nude, but for safety, you should at least ware leather chaffs or fiberglass leg protectors. Ther are small rattle snakes living in the cannions, you also have lots of thorny plants.
The desert is another place one can go if they are interested in getting a deep tan. Just drive an hour out the secondary highway that heads out to the deset via cutting through El-cajon. again ( be aware of the rattle snakes!!!!!!!!) you will probably never see one but if you drive a jeep, a cycle, our walk in, they will hear you and rattle their tails - loud enough that you will be aware of them.
Go directly in, find a large boulder you can easly climb up on, and get you nudity on. no one will bother you, but carry a utility fire arm just to be sure that you are protected from the potentials in life.
Take water with you, the sun is going to require it from you in payment of desert visitation fees. Don't take food. eat well and much several hours before going in to the desert. Eat after you get out of the desert. But do not eat while you are in the desert. reason being, that your body redirects water resources to the stomach when it has food in it. don't want to chance a water defficit while you are soaking up desert well only be out in the desert a few hours any ways if your intent is to get your full body tan on anyways.
Once you leave the desert go directly to Blacks beach, make your way down the clifts and rinse off in the ocean waters. This will hard set your tan,a curing, making it last way longer.
i went a tiny bit off pare of blacks beach specificly, or so it would seem to the persons never having visited the beach, but in reality my gifts are really an extention to your Blacks beach experiance.


Posted: Aug 12, 2011

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Anyone from L.A. driving down to Blacks this Monday or next?. I am hoping to share driving.
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