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Skinnydipping in comfort, even in the middle of winter
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Suzanne and I were pleased that our new home in Naples, Florida, had a swimming pool secluded from the neighbors, so we enjoyed swimming nude almost every day. But skinnydipping became increasingly challenging as the weather turned cool. So we installed inexpensive solar panels on our home`s roof to heat the pool`s water. The system is very efficient, so now we can swim nude in comfortable 90-degree water all year long.

After the initial expense of installing the solar panels, heating the pool`s water will remain free forever--at least for the millions of years until the sun burns itself out, when we might be too old to swim anyway. A neighbor with a pool the same size as ours tells us the electricity for heating his pool costs him thousands of dollars every year. Here in the Sunshine State, the sun shines practically every day, so we revel in skinnydipping in comfort even in the middle of winter.

We don`t selfishly keep all this pleasure to ourselves. We welcome other nudists to visit us and share the joys of skinnydipping in our heated pool. They can also sunbathe nude in our secluded half-acre garden, and watch hundreds of fish skinnydipping in the water lily and lotus ponds I created in the garden. Please write to tell us when you`ll be in southwest Florida`s Gulf Coast region, and you`ll be invited for a small clothing-optional house party, garden party, or pool party. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Posted: Jan 22, 2011

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i have many fond memories of the outdoor hot springs (rotemburo / onsen) in Japan. the best time to go is Fall, Winter and Spring, when the air is chilled or crisp and the warm water so inviting. same can be said for Harbin and Sierra Hot Springs in northern California. even then, after a hot or warm soak, the best part is the plunge into the cold water pool or waterfall.
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