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Progressive Issues for the Naked Demographic
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I very recently joined and was pleasantly surprised to see so many diverse interest groups. Two groups caught my attention: the Conservative Naturists and Progressive Nudists. As a progressive nudist I was also surprised to see that the number of members in each of these groups is the same: 81. I was always under the impression that most members of our unique demographic leaned a bit more on the conservative side; it turns out that may not be the case. But I also notice there hasn?t been much activity lately in this group given the passage of health care ?reform? and other developments. So I thought it would be interesting to find out what you all consider to be the most important progressive issues of the day. Maybe you can post a single entry like health care reform, financial reform, education, etc., from any category, social, economic, environment, politics, etc. I?d like to put together a top ten list of progressive issues for the naked demographic. It might kick off some interesting discourse but as a minimum it would be fun to see what you all are thinking about.

BTW, for your amusement and consideration, if you haven?t seen this already, below I?ve posted two interesting links. The first is a short excerpt from John Boehner?s rant on the house floor during the health care debate, and the second is an updated version of the classic ?Yes We Can? video, featuring John Boehner. Enjoy?
Based on the people I have talked to Naturist can reflect the complete spectrum of politics. Each of us have come to the nudist lifestyle based on personal criteria. Furthermore, those decisions may be based on there own interpretation of what is right. Wouldn't it be nice if we could always come to reasonable conclusions.
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