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The naked truth? Woman's account exposes different story
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Posted: Oct 21, 2009

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SPRINGFIELD, Va. - The woman who reported to police that a man in a Springfield home exposed himself to her and her son has a different story than what Eric Williamson has told to local media.
The woman told police it was 8:40 a.m. when she was walking her son to school along a path between houses. She said they first spotted Williamson naked in an open door in the car port of his home.

She also told police that Williamson then walked across the house to a large window, facing the way she was walking.

Williamson, 29, faces an indecent exposure charge after a passerby saw him in the buff in his own home making coffee.

Channel 5 reports the woman and 7-year-old boy who saw him naked apparently had cut through Williamson's front yard from a nearby path.

Williamson says he didn't know anyone could see him.

"If I stood and seemed comfortable in my kitchen, it's natural. It's my kitchen," Williamson tells Channel 5.

Williamson says his roommates were not home when he came into the kitchen and made his coffee.

Fairfax County Police say they believed Williamson wanted to be seen naked by the public.

Williamson, a father of a 5-year old girl, said he plans to fight the charge.

"There is not a chance on this planet I would ever, ever, ever do anything like that to a kid," he says.

Police say they are checking to see if there have been any other complaints.

A trial lawyer, who is not connected to the Williamson's case, says the state will have to prove that Williamson knew people were there for them to get a conviction on the charge that carries a one-year jail term and a $2,000 fine.


Posted: Oct 21, 2009

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They shouldn't be looking in his windows or cutting through his front yard. I'd like to see how this turns out.


Posted: Nov 25, 2009

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The police believed he was trying to be seen? Sounds like guilty then proven innocent. Gets curiouser and curiouser.


Posted: Nov 28, 2009

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Has anyone seen this bit of news
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