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Posted: Oct 8, 2009

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Last weekend the park had a booth at Issaquah Salmon Days Festival, one of the many wonderful local festivals of the Pacific Northwest.
This Salmon Days did not rain very much, and was well attended, as it often is. They have a parade, booths featuring crafts and clubs, salmon feeds, and lots of other local-style fun. Fraternity Snoqualmie members have been hosting an informational booth there for several years.

This year they gave out candy, about 100 free t-shirts, and 400-500 flyers about the park that include a coupon for a free visit. Plus there were members there to answer people's questions, and sometimes be the locus of pointing and giggling. (Those people are naked under their clothes!) Sometimes members staff these booths in near-nudity or wearing something clever, like fig leaves, but I think it was too chilly for those kinds of shenanigans. You'll have to go to Freemont Fair to see us all hanging out (as it were) after bicycling in the nude with the rest of them.

We wonder whether advertising a nudist park in October is a good idea. The park is closed, and first-time visitors can't come until the park is open again on May 1. Regular members can, of course, come anytime they like, day or night. Yet attending Salmon Days enhances our 60+ year connection to the city and community of Issaquah. So, we'll see if we keep doing it, or move to sponsoring the event in another way.

If you attended Salmon Days and got a coupon, do you think it will inspire you to visit the park next spring?
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