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Naked brunchers plan to reveal Fringe benefits
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Posted: Oct 4, 2009

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IT TOOK Jerry Seinfeld just half an episode to figure out there is ''good naked'', such as playing Scrabble, and ''bad naked'' - opening a pickle jar.

But where does eating scrambled eggs fit in?

Costume maker Natalie Bak is calling on Melburnians to shed their clothes and cares and join her for a nude brunch tomorrow, with naked circus, poetry and dance. Not generally a nudist, Ms Bak says she was inspired one sunny April morning in Melbourne, sharing brunch with friends.

''It was so warm, I thought, 'I could be naked doing this right now','' she recalls.

Ms Bak was also among more than 4000 Melburnians who posed naked on Princes Bridge on a chilly October morning for US photographer Spencer Tunick, as part of the 2001 Fringe Festival.

She says tomorrow's brunch, part of this year's Fringe Festival, is designed to promote a positive attitude to life and honour artists, who constantly expose themselves through their work.

''I just would really like Melbourne to support the idea of letting go for two hours to pay tribute to life and art and how lucky we are to be blessed with these bodies,'' she says.

''We're so caught up in not feeling good about ourselves or trying to be something else. Really at the end of the day we have this gift and we should appreciate it.''

She has room for 40 people at Bebida Cafe, on Smith Street, Fitzroy.

Any peculiar etiquette for brunching naked with strangers is yet to be determined, but each will be given their own handkerchief-style square to sit on. And for those who suspect a gimmick to get bums on seats, Ms Bak says: ''Naked bums on seats is even harder.''

As of yesterday, she was also missing one naked performer.

''My hula-hooper has come down with something, so I'm trying to replace her,'' she says.

The naked brunch begins at 10am.


Posted: Oct 5, 2009

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i really like her message, people just need to let go and relax.

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Posted: Oct 7, 2009

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Nude brunch on the fringe

FRINGE artist Natalie Bak had a brainwave during a meal on a hot summer's day and now she wants to take it global after her successful naked brunch in Melbourne on Tuesday.

The 33-year-old Brisbane-based Bak talked Bebida Cafe manager Stuart Lucca-Pope into handing over his Fitzroy diner for a morning brunch for about 20 similarly-minded fringe artists to gather "au naturel".

"It's the first time I've ever done anything like this and I've been really inspired by all the amazing people there to support me," Ms Bak told AAP.

"It's all about celebrating collaboration and the human form but mostly it's about artists who are so willing to expose themselves - a literal tribute to that."

She said the idea came to her while dining outdoors on a hot April day and it occurred to her that she would enjoy the experience even more if she could take her clothes off.

Ms Bak wants to take her naked brunch concept - which also included a performance from some brave artists - around Australia and to the Edinburgh Comedy Festival.

"I'm not a nudist, I'm just into confronting myself," she said.

But she admits not all members of the fringe artistic community have embraced her idea.

"I didn't anticipate that people weren't going to be as open to the idea - I thought that because it was designed for artists, artists would get on board," she said.

But she has put some of the reluctance down to the 10am start, the fact that some artists also have a regular job while others couldn't afford the $33 cover charge.

Mr Lucca-Pope, working in the kitchen wearing just an apron, said when Ms Bak came to him with the idea, he was open to it.

"I've always been interested in pushing the boundaries," he said, in between slicing tomatoes.

"It was a hot summer day when she put it to me and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

"We've alway been ready to support local artists, musicians ... and nudists."
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