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Dancing With the Stars Karina Smirnoff PETA Nude Ad
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Posted: Sep 26, 2009

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Dancer Karina Smirnoff, made famous for the aforementioned Dancing With the Stars, is the latest star to lend her name and body to PETA?s cause as she posed nude for a new PETA ad. She joins the ranks of (and this is off the top of my head here) Pamela Anderson, Amanda Beard, Alicia Silverstone, and? well, I guess that?s all I got.

And I guess the nude PETA ad isn?t going to do Karina Smirnoff any harm ? I, as a straight male, had no idea who she was despite (what I?ve been assured is) her inspired work on Dancing With the Stars. I thought she might be the dancer paired with the ever awesome Chuck Liddell, but after checking my old post I realized it was another girl with a similar unpronounceable Russian sounding name.

I?m not going to go retracing the old ground I?ve already tread with Amanda Beard posing for PETA. Karina Smirnoff should already be aware by now that posing for PETA is simply the first step in a slide into cultural obscurity. Scientifically speaking, posing nude for PETA is actually the last flailing about of a female star before her professional death-rattle; a last desperate attempt at relevancy.

But until Karina Smirnoff disappears entirely, I?ll be enjoying her PETA ads for all the good they?re actually worth. Which means behind closed doors. And don?t expect me to be able to type, though I assure you I?ll be staring at my computer screen?

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