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Nudist season kicks off
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Posted: Sep 24, 2009

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VISITORS are packing their bags but leaving their clothing behind as they flock for the start of Far North Queensland's nudist season next week.
The White Cockatoo motel in Mossman, which operates primarily as a fully-clothed conventional family resort during the chillier months of April-September, is about to slip into something more comfortable - absolutely nothing.
The White Cockatoo, which touts itself as ?Australasia?s premier nudist resort?, will be going butt-naked for six months from October 1 for its eighth annual nudist season and the following ?Adults Only? season, which has made a rapid return by popular demand.
And you?d better get in quick because the place will fill up with pale bare-bummed guests pretty quickly, according to manager Tony Fox.
?We?ve changed the season a bit this year,? Mr Fox said.
?We?re only doing a three-month nudist season this year.?
Mr Fox said the common perception that nudism equals sex was erroneous.
?We?ve got some clear, simple rules, and one of those is that there is to be no overt public sexual activity during the nudist season,? he said.
?This is definitely not a paradise for perverts. We?re no different than any other resort in the area, albeit with a slightly different dress code.?
Clothing is not an option during nudist season, or for the following ?Adults Only? season from late December until March.
This year?s Adults Only month was such a success that Mr Fox decided to extend the season for a three-month run.
The resort got a lot of exposure earlier this year after an incident in which Mr Fox banned guest for making suggestive comments to female guests while he was fully clothed.
?Adults Only is a little more risque,? Mr Fox said.
?We?ve already had some very strong bookings.?
Mr Fox said the resort had seen a slight droop in sales this year, thanks to a flaccid economic situation.
?The nudist economy is no different to the regular economy,? Mr Fox said.
?Although we do spend less on clothes and a bit more on sun-cream.?
Mr Fox said the resort had become an accepted part of the town since first going nude in 2002.
?Most locals realise we?re not running around naked in the streets, and they?ve got to know some of our repeat guests, who come up every year,? he said.
?Over the past couple of years is that the resort is not only accepted by the community, but has even become a source of pride.
Even some of churches have realised that some of our guests regularly attend church on Sundays.?
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