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Mountain road dispute divides pastor, nudists
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Posted: Sep 24, 2009

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ISSAQUAH, Wash. -- An Issaquah pastor wants the road less traveled, but he's the only one.

He says he owns the private road that connects Issaquah Hobart Road with the Fraternity Snoqualmie, a nudist camp.

The camp has been there for 63 years, and they have always paid to maintain the gravel road.

Pastor Eddy Fowler-Lindner moved in five years ago, and has fought the easement rights of the camp and other homeowners ever since.

But on Tuesday, the camp started road maintenance with heavy jack hammers and other equipment. King county says they are only doing what is allowed by their easement, and there is nothing Fowler-Lindner can do to stop it.

Still, the pastor fears road maintenance will lead to a bigger, wider road. He's convinced a big developer is behind the fight with his neighbors, and doesn't want to lose the seclusion he has set aside for a camp for homeless families.

The nudist camp says there is no developer involved. They're not going to sell. The last thing they want are more neighbors, and the pastor is the first person to have a problem with annual road maintenance.
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