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Shedding Inhibitions (and Clothes)
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Posted: Sep 13, 2009

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Who knew that frolicking in the altogether was such a popular pastime? According to a survey of 1,882 U.S. adults by the Ypartnership/Yankelovich 2009 National Travel Monitor, 10 percent of respondents said that a ?resort that offers a nude recreation experience? was an attribute that they would describe as ?extremely/very desirable? in a leisure travel experience. That compares to those who favored golf (8 percent), snowboard/skiing (7 percent), hunting (7 percent), mountain biking (6 percent) and tennis (4 percent).

Those numbers came as welcome news to the American Association for Nude Recreation, which issued this statement about the survey: ?The nude recreation experience, though admittedly of interest to just 1 out of 10 travelers based on the total U.S. population of over 303 million, indicates that 30 million would indeed take a nakation!?
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