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A place to belong for Christian naturists
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Posted: Sep 2, 2009

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In an effort to address items of interest to people from all walks of life, I will occasionally post articles about nudism that might not be of particular interest to nudists in general. If something you come across here doesn?t happen to be your cup of tea, so to speak, just click around my topic until you find something that is. I hope there will be some article here to spark your interest.
This article falls into the specific interest category. Many people equate nudism with public sexual behavior and part of my effort in this column is to dispel that myth. To that end, let me introduce you to Christian Naturist While I am not a particularly religious person myself, I am fully aware of the seeming incongruity that these words, written in the same title, would have for many. Take a gander at their four-part statement of purpose:
II. The purposes of CNV shall be:
A. To bring together Christian believers who also are supportive of non-sexualized naturism, for mutual fellowship and support, evangelism and education.
B. To provide mutual fellowship, encouragement and support to all who visit this website.
C. To provide Christians an opportunity to share with all who visit, their love for the Lord, and the redemption from sin that's available through Jesus Christ.
D. To provide an avenue whereby people who don't know about or understand non-sexualized naturism may find godly, Christian answers to their questions.

Doesn?t sound like a very threatening place now, does it? People from all walks of life enjoy naturism. Be very careful about putting labels on nudists. We may just have to strip them off and run naked down a beach!
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