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Basic nudists' vocabulary
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Posted: Sep 2, 2009

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Nudism seems to be a topic that generates a wide range of emotions and reactions - curiosity, anger, glee, outrage. I hope, through my articles, to shed a little light on this somewhat poorly covered (excuse the pun) subject and to answer questions that others may have about what goes on at nudist venues and events.
In order to do a good job of that, it's important that we all speak the same language. What follows is a list of a few of the definitions that will provide a starting place:
Clothing-optional ? While this may seem pretty self-explanatory, clothing optional resorts often require visitors to swim or hot-tub naked. People who remain dressed during their entire visit to a clothing-optional facility may be viewed as a voyeur and, appropriately, asked to leave. Check the club?s policies before assuming that the choice is yours throughout the place.
Clothing-free ? Most nudists practice ?dressing for comfort? ? putting on or taking off clothing according to weather conditions, for example. However, clothing-free resorts, cruises, etc. expect members and visitors to remain nude as much as possible.
Naturist ? Another term for nudist; however, ?naturist? also implies a person with a greater appreciation for nature in general. Many naturist sites are campgrounds and beaches, focused less on the high-end amenities than other nudist resorts.
Nude: Traditionally, a term used in art to express an heroic, yet innocent, unclothed person. Most people use it as a synonym for naked as there is little distinction in today?s language.
Naked: This term is more likely to be used in a bawdier manner than nude in today?s casual speech: ?She was buck naked on the beach,? for example.
(Note: In articles by this author, the three terms above will be used interchangeably when referring to an unclothed person.)
Nakation: A vacation during which the participants are partially or totally nude during all or part of it.
Skinny-dipping: Nude swimming in lakes or in pools.
Non-landed: This term refers to clubs or organizations that do not own property on which they gather. Members of non-landed (otherwise known as ?travel?) clubs often meet for special events, such as a ski trip, volleyball tournament, or beach outing, or may gather at members? homes to enjoy each other?s company.
Landed: These clubs own land on which they may or may not have club houses, swimming pools, or other amenities which members and guests enjoy.
Lifestyle: This often is a sort of ?code? for swingers? clubs in which sexual promiscuity or overt, public sexual behavior is condoned. While people often refer to a nudist?s lifestyle when discussing the general attitude of naturists or nudists, talking about a ?lifestyle resort? typically refers to one patronized by swingers.
Nudists? vocabulary, like the language in all areas of culture, morphs over time, and members of specific groups use some terms differently than members of other groups. However, the terms above should shed a little light on general definitions and help you understand the articles by this author a little better.
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