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Seattle People Q&A: The Folks Who Run a Nudist Park
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Posted: Aug 31, 2009

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For this week's Seattle People photo essay, Jenny Jimenez went outside city limits to experience Nudestock, Fraternity Snoqualmie's annual celebration of music and fellowship at Park Forestia in Issaquah. Here's Jimenez's chat with Richard, Dawnzella and Tom, the past and current presidents of Fraternity Snoqualmie.
What is your tenure as president and how long have you been a member?

Tom: "I'm the current president and have been a member for 5 years."

Dawnzella: "I was president from 2001-2006 and am a 16-year member."

Richard: "I was park president just after Dawnzella, from 2007-2008 and became a member back in 1985."

What do you enjoy about Fraternity Snoqualmie?

Tom: "It's the most natural thing in the world. You can't judge people when you're looking someone eye to eye and they have no clothes on. It puts you on an even playing field. There's not politics, there's no ...we're all on an even playing field and just having a good time."

Dawnzella: "I think it's a beautiful park. I think it's a beautiful rustic place. We've got really great people that are members and a lot like a small town, we don't always get along but, you know, it comes down to that we all have each other's back. I like that when I come here, I'm Dawnzella. I'm not someone else. I go to Alki and I feel uncomfortable. I don't have the body type that's accepted. Here, I'm just Dawnzella. It's awesome. My favorite part about spending the weekend here is that I only have to wash towels when I'm done."

Richard: "It's a wonderful place to spend any amount of time. For me, two days up here is like spending a week's vacation anywhere else. It's a safe, wonderful family friendly place to spend time."

What do you think some of the misconceptions are about nudists or naturists?

Tom: "People think in general that if you're going to be nude with a bunch of other people that there is going to be sex involved. That's just not the case. It's the farthest thing from the truth. We're a family nudist park and if you look around, you'll see a lot of kids here. People raise their kids around this park and that's probably the biggest misconception."

Dawnzella: "That you have to look like the girls in magazines."

Tom: "Or guys."

Dawnzella: "I think there are more people that look like me in nudists parks than there are people that look like Elle McPherson or Jennifer Aniston. We come in all shapes and sizes and we're happy in our own skin."

Richard: "What they said"
What a great, honest interview and slide show. It's articles like these in the mainstream press (hadn't heard of Seattle Weekly, but it sounds mainstream-ish) that help new people realize what nudism has to offer! The only complaint I have about the slideshow is the lack of a youth presence... surely an event called Nudestock at least brings out some of the young ones. We don't want folks thinking nudism is 100% old people when the mix really is great. But thumbs up to this newspaper for not worrying about blurring anything out and just giving an honest look at what appears to be a very fun event at a very cool resort!


Posted: Aug 31, 2009

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I agree what a way to show nudism in a postive way
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