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Nudist hits out at Studland beach wardens for causing 'distress'
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Posted: Aug 28, 2009

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A NUDIST has hit out at new wardens deployed to patrol Studland beach, accusing them of ?deliberately causing harm, harassment and distress?.

In a letter to landowner the National Trust, copied to the Daily Echo, Paul Barber, of Poole, says the wardens, who started patrolling in July, had lead to a ?downturn? in the relationship between the NT and naturists.

But the National Trust said the majority of nudists were supportive.

As reported in the Echo, police teamed up with the National Trust and Studland Beach Users Action Group to launch the initiative in time for the summer.

The three wardens, who wear bright yellow T-shirts, were trained by the police to patrol the entire beach during July and August.

But Mr Barber wrote: ?However, this ?training? looks like a continuation of the policy of both organisations of deliberately causing harm, harassment and distress to a particular segment of nudists, with an increased level of homophobia, as well as nudists in general.?

He says there had been ?blatant attempts at intimidation and repression?.

Mr Barber also cited several incidents where one warden shouted at him in ?a loud and sarcastic tone? and added that the wardens then stood near him and other nudists in ?an intimidatory way?.

Doug Whyte, property manager for National Trust Purbeck, said the complaint would be ?thoroughly investigated?.

He added: ?Since introducing the community wardens in July, we have held three information days and meetings with the naturist community who use Studland beach.

?The feedback has been generally supportive and positive, with many agreeing it has already begun to tackle anti-social behaviour, and the fear of it.

?We have only just received the complaint, at the same time as the media, and can assure Mr Barber that once we?ve had a chance to properly look into it we will respond to him directly.?

Dorset Police said they had not had any complaints. The Echo has not been able to contact Mr Barber directly.
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