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Weeklies Reader: Nudist lodge planned near Maxville
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Posted: Aug 22, 2009

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MAXVILLE - There's nothing illegal about starting a nudist resort in Granite County.
But look up "silly" in a thesaurus, Sheriff Steve Immenschuh told the Philipsburg Mail.
"The synonyms accurately describe my thoughts. And there's a bunch of them."
Sava Mathou of Wolf Creek is buying the Boulder Creek Lodge west of Maxville, and he'll keep it running as a lodge until next spring.
"After that," wrote the Mail's J. Louis Mullen, "the clothes come off."
Mathou said a privacy fence will be built around the resort "so we're not offending anyone's sensibilities."
He insisted that there'll be nothing lewd going on behind the fence.
"It's a family resort, believe it or not. We have members ranging from 6 months old to 60. If you can't do it in a grocery store, you can't do it here," said Mathou.
He said the nudist resort industry brings in an estimated $440 million a year nationwide. He has roughly 3,500 people on his mailing list.
Mathou, 37, said he's heard "a few snorts and giggles," but everyone he's talked to has been respectful.
"We realize Granite County is pretty conservative," he told Mullen. "We don't want to offend people, we want to be a respected member of the community and bring jobs to the community."
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Posted: Sep 24, 2009

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I was so amazed to see our little article about the resort we have planned here in Montana. Thanks for posting it. I had no idea we reached beyond the borders of Montana. Hopefully this post will let people know that there are Nudists in the West. Sometimes I think Montana is forgotten about by Naturists/Nudists. Our summers here are warm and sunny and beautiful. Thanks again for posting the article.
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