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This group is about being on the modeling side of the camera. If you have been a model before or want to become one, this is a group for you. We can talk about experiences we have had modeling, things we would like to model for, being in front of a bunch

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Nude 27C
go to the nature, naked walk and sunning...
May 24, 2015
Finding models
I have found that to find someone to photograph or be photographed by, it works well to do both sides of the camera. It seems most photographers are men and most models are women. This can be a proble...
Jul 15, 2014
Modeling workshop at Florida Naturist Festival
If anyone is planning on going to the Mid-Winter Naturist Festival this weekend at Sunsport Gardens in Loxahatchee, Florida, I'm presenting a workshop on how to become a figure model at 1:30 p.m., Mon...
Mar 2, 2013
Share your experiences..
I know some of you have modeled before and some of you are interested in modeling. I just wanted to share my first experience and hopefully get some of you to share yours. I modeled for a ...
Jan 6, 2013
Nude modeling in north San Diego county
Would love to model for anyone looking to do some nude shots of me individually or with others. Live in San Marcos CA...
May 18, 2012
Nude Photo Shoots
I would be interested in connecting with photographers and models who would be interested in getting together for nude photo shoots The objective would be to create aestheticly pleasing nude photog...
Aug 26, 2012
Modeling outside
We just had our fall modeling session a couple weeks ago. One of the photographers had some beautiful property not to far out of the city and let us use it as background. It was beautiful out there. T...
Feb 26, 2012
Picture change..
I changed the picture to our group and plan to do it every now and then to let everyone have an idea that anyone can be a nude model if you are comfortable enough to do it! It doesn't take a perfect b...
Feb 2, 2012
Eastern North Carolina
I would be interested in posing nude for a photographer in eastern North Carolina. I'm in Greenville and am very comfortable in the nde....
Nov 26, 2011
College art class modelling
I have done a bunch of modeling for artists and even more for photographers. I have applied for many jobs at colleges and schools for nude modeling as well. I just recently applied for another one and...
Nov 18, 2011
A funny way to start a career as a nude artist's model
In my youth I was taking life drawing classes in New York City. Each week we would sketch a different woman who posed nude for us. At the end of one session the instructor announced that we`d have a m...
Jan 26, 2011
NUDE NITE ART exhibit in Tampa March 4-6
im not sure if the florida residents or anyone else for that matter knew of NUDE NITE the art expose. 3 nights or visual arts in its various canvas sculpture and live with entertainment. All about th...
Mar 19, 2010
Private photographer sessions..
I have answered a couple posts on some local adds. What you have to watch out for is the fine print that isn't there.. Find a good local manager or photo manager that sets up sessions for models and t...
Jan 8, 2010