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This group discusses the concerns of nudist individuals, such as club policies that bar or restrict singles and married people with non-nudist partners. This is NOT a Dating group. To join, have a non-private, non-blank profile, and profile photo.

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Individuals Meeting " People Known in the Textile World"
I have run into lots of people at nudist venues that I knew from the "textile world". (1.) I ran into a friend-of-a-friend and his girlfriend at a nudist venue. Since he did not act like he recogni...
Jan 13, 2016
group chat
Set a time and see who shows up....
Jan 13, 2016
Connect via MeetUp
Set up own Nudist group on MeetUp for we individuals? See MeetUp website for Info YNA is only group Ive seen on MeetUp. MeetUp connects online to anyone & everyone. U choose your Interests. ...
Jan 13, 2016
Introductions-new members and old
Well i'm 48 and single and live in south Miss. Not many clubs here. Not sure I think of nudism as a "life style" If you believe in the Bible then my interpitaion is nudity is normal and natural. It sa...
Oct 26, 2015
Group cleanup
I just went through the group member list, and removed 31 members: * 2 members were removed because they had private profiles. * 4 members were removed because they have a blank profile. * 25...
Oct 25, 2015
New policy for joining the Nudist Individuals group
There is a new policy for joining the Nudist Individuals group. After joining the group, new members must post to the group within 30 days, in order to stay in the group. Since anyone can read the ...
Jan 21, 2015
Incentives for clubs
We may not be able to make the AANR clubs change their membership and admission policies regarding nudist individuals, but we can give these clubs incentives to move in the right direction. As I se...
Nov 9, 2013
Landed Clubs-Are they worth it
She has a Stafford-shire Terrier....
Nov 9, 2013
Makaha HI
anyone know of Makaha HI? plan on going over New Years, place is due west of Pearl Harbor &^ south of No Beach for surfing. any good spots for nude rec in area?> Comments, ideas welcome. Stay at ...
Nov 9, 2013
This may not be the approptiate place for this.I am waiting for a new group to be approved.Untill then i will put my view here. I would just like to vent some frustration About the attitudes of ...
Aug 25, 2013
New group owner / moderator
As your new group owner / moderator, I am planning to keep the same group rules / guidelines that have made this group successful. I have been participating in online forums since the 1990s, and Nudis...
Aug 2, 2013
Nudist Individuals Chat
Excellent! I will look for the "individuals room" to be open! I have had issues with some in the main chatroom, myself....
Aug 1, 2013
For or Against Guns at a club or resort.
I do. And not only guns, but anything built, designed or wielded as a weapon. No knives, swords, sharpened antlers on handles, non-registered explosives, nunchaku, kama, weighted gloves, brass knuckle...
Aug 1, 2013
AANR Restructuring
I suspect its a combination of a few factors. The difference in approach with NAC over free beaches (San Onofre beach for example), not enough focus and marketing to younger people, and perhaps to so...
Jul 30, 2013
Online Now

Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN)
After reading Rusty's post under the "AANR Restructuring" topic, I am interested in learning more about the differences between AANR and FCN, especially with regards to how nudist individuals are trea...
Jul 28, 2013
Nudity as a "right".
In many posts throughout NCH, many people refer to 'the right to be nude'. Do others feel as I do: That it, among many other things, is part of what the Founders of these United States of America woul...
Jul 28, 2013
Deciding who to be nude around
Hey Olivia, my decision is fairly easy. Some friends know I am a nudist and are not offended by my nudity, therefore I do not dress up with these people if I am nude. Some do not know, and if I happen...
Jul 28, 2013
Naturism and Feminism
Well said, Olivia. I used to be totally against the feminist movement because it seemed the women in the beginning were all man haters, perhaps they indeed were because of the way in which men kept t...
Jul 13, 2013
Profiles and Friends
I do not accept ALL friendship requests. I automatically deny any friendship requests that simply request friendship but no comment on why they want to be friends with me. I look through the profi...
Apr 25, 2013
Super Important NI Info Meeting; May 30!
There will be a meeting of NI members, friends, family, neighbours and well-behaved pets in NI chat forum on Thursday May 30, 2013 at 7 pm Pacific (1900hrs, UTC -8... 2330hrs in NL) We'll be learni...
May 30, 2013
April 13 chat
Hi, Rusty Nurses station. wi-fi or internet connection (individual or something like an internet cafe) Tables for baubles and beads and event stuff so the club can make a few extra bucks. Is th...
May 25, 2013
How much information is T.M.I.?
Hi Olivia, Many of my friends are on facebook. I get friend requests all the time. I tell everyone I dont do facebook etc. My friends all look at me as if I grew another head or something! Haha! This...
May 3, 2013
Ask a woman
My GF, Margie has a question: When we visited a Nudist Resort (not Clothing Optional), many of the other women there expressed surprise at the fact she assimilated to the total nude environment so q...
Apr 26, 2013
One gender friends lists
Olivia, I would have to agree with you on this. Also add in if you get friend requests with "blocked or private" profiles. I don't get a lot of requests on this site but on on another I have in my pro...
Apr 25, 2013
Reasons for not wanting nudity at home
I don't have a spouse any more, but what I get from my stepdaughter and other female housemate is that it is too far out of what they consider 'normal' and that my nudity, being the only male in the h...
Apr 17, 2013
Nudist Inviduals
To any reading this forum, I fall into the married individual column. Wife enjoys a nude lifestyle also, but not nearly as active on NCH as myself. I have been naked when possible since I was abou...
Apr 16, 2013
Nudist Room-mate(s)
If I was ready to retire, I'd definitely give this some major consideration. Good luck with your endeavors....
Apr 13, 2013
Advice as Individuals
Personally there was no particular reason why I joined NCH, It has showed me how other nudist/naturists think about being a nudist, How they live the life, places they go to.As for NCH itself unfortu...
Apr 11, 2013
Naked and Clothed Role Reversal
In September we had a similarly interesting experience. A local filmmaker, David Fenster, staged an event he called the “Cabeza Debacle” at a small art gallery. The event was designed around the explo...
Apr 1, 2013
First Time NUDE visit.
my first time was at Glen Eden. in the past i had to be careful, when laying out, so i would not expose myself to unwilling neighbors. once i went to a party at my friend's house, and we went for...
Mar 28, 2013
Individual Opinions
Me personally, I would like to see a lot more moderators in the chat rooms.unfortunatly this site is attracting the sort of undesirable /rude individuals we do not want, I deleted my account on anoth...
Mar 15, 2013
Random Pictures
I've been known to do that. I call them "I was naked here" photos. I believe nudity is a right, and posing for those photos is a way of briefly asserting that right. Also, it's fun. I'm sure other p...
Mar 13, 2013
Halves of couples can be inappropriate too
One of the "inappropriate" things that people seem to not like about single males at clubs is their staring at or ogling the women. It makes people uncomfortable. While we were at Cypress this yea...
Feb 13, 2013
I see the body as a whole, I do notice if there are tattoos or jewelry, but pay less attention to them as I would earrings. I focus on eye to eye contact especially if we're having a discussion about ...
Feb 13, 2013
Fees for Individuals/students
I do believe daily rates should be on a per person basis. Since the couple rate has already been established it would only seem logical that the single rate should be lower. When a posted daily rate r...
Feb 8, 2013
To club/resort owners and managers,
Dear club and resort owners and managers, I whole-heartedly associate myself with this letter. And as for myself, I thank those clubs, resorts and all owners and staff by whom doors have been op...
Feb 7, 2013
Online Now

Opinions or Non-Prejudice?
I suspect many of the mirror shots are attempts at self portraits because the "models" don't have or don't feel like they have anyone else who they can ask to take the photos for them since they're cl...
Jan 13, 2013
Nudist Individual New Year goals
my goal for 2013 is to spend more time at my club and back to nature....
Jan 2, 2013
Nudity and Sports/Athletes
Yes, most of the female firefighters I've worked with have that same "body is equipment" train of thought. I'm sure it's the same with the athletes. It's not what you have, but how you use it....
Dec 25, 2012
A thought and Question by a fellow member
My thought, here, is that the laws currently in place, although archaic, are still in place. People have rallied to the causes of same sex unions, single parent adoptions and the like, but NOT address...
Dec 7, 2012
Article from the Guardian
Olivia, I appreciate your realistic attitude. I, indeed, believe you can handle yourself anywhere. Jim...
Nov 9, 2012
Information from my travels
Did we read somewhere here that you were involved as a firefighter in those fires in Colorado this summer? Gutsy lady!! My hat is off to you! Glad you are safe! John...
Nov 8, 2012
Your Choosen Naturist living destination.
A question to all you naturists.If you had the money and the ability/oppertunity to live a naturist life style any where in the world,either buying your own land/property or moving to a nudist resort,...
Jun 17, 2012
Alternatives to clubs for Individuals
I like alternatives to clubs and resorts. I've done some dry camping out in Death Valley and want to return to do it in the nude. We've not done some of the hot springs near us or anywhere else. M...
May 19, 2012
Group Chat,
Olivia !!! GREAT group was terrific to meet everyone and see so many individuals involved..I thought there were lots of terrific ideas put forth with lots of productive back and forth...I ho...
Feb 16, 2012
Going it alone
I am learning again how to be alone, after my wifes passing. Before I married, I was quite the lone wolf, everything thing I did I did by myself, now I'm there again, but it really isn't hard, and mos...
Mar 25, 2012
Who are you? Why are you here?
I am just a sincere single guy who has rejoined a nudist lifestyle after several years of absence. I am here because I have returned to participation in this lifestyle and found this website. Locall...
Mar 10, 2012
Quotas and Treatment of Individuals
My experiences so far. I've only been to 3 clubs as a single male and always felt like an outsider. Never any undressed children when I was around. The first club a fellow sat down next to me and ask...
Mar 7, 2012
Club reaction to individuals
I would like feedback from club members about how policy is made regarding allowing individuals into their club. Policies which either inhibit or encourage, and the rigor of the interview process...
Feb 16, 2012
Being an Individual
Sometimes being an individual is turning left when the majority is turning right. ...
Feb 2, 2012
Something I came across on the site
I'd be interested in hearing her replies as well. You can visit Connie and I anytime, anywhere. :-) ...
Jan 6, 2012
Are Individuals more vulnerable?
Olivia...One of the reasons I like YAHOO is sometimes the chat room has so many ppl in it, it is hard to have a REAL convo. As you are aware, I like to chat and ask questions as to get to know another...
Oct 22, 2011
New Questions
1 All I've ever heard is gawkers, but I've never been turned away either. 2 Don't know 3 Yes...
Sep 5, 2011
List of Individual friendly or non-friendly clubs
Forest Hills Club, MI, Yes, Yes Sunny Haven, IN, Yes, Yes Turtle Lake Resort, MI, Yes, Yes Cypress Cove, FL, Yes, Yes ...
Aug 27, 2011
Weather Changes
We have had awesome weather here so So. Cal this past two weeks. We are getting past the June Gloom days and with very little morning fog. We are looking forward to many days in our backyard, at o...
Jun 25, 2011
nudies2, I can vouch for what you just said. I was an active member of a non-landed club in Portland, Oregon in the late 1990s. Our club supported the landed clubs in our area by having some of our me...
May 22, 2011
Friend Choices
Another topic of discussions was the friend element. Apparently many of our members, mostly women, get blind friend requests with no note and no profile filled out. It was suggested that another ...
May 21, 2011
Just to clear things up. 1. I am the only one who can verify users. 2. There are two ways to get verified, and they are listed on the site. There are over 20,000 of you, and one of me. I l...
Apr 28, 2011
Group Chat for Nudist Individuals TURSDAY at 7 Pacific time
I should be camping at Glen Eden during this time...if we don't have a little league game. I will try and log on and make it but the Wifi at GE isn't that great out in the RV sites area. :( J...
May 18, 2011
Chat Summary
Olivia asked me to summarize some of the things we discussed at our group chat the other night. I will begin and list as many things as I can remember. Please feel free to add anything I may have f...
May 14, 2011
Sometimes it really sucks to be a single male nudist
Deer Creek Nudist club has a 5 single man only policy for weekends. How many more clubs are like this alone. Deer Park is in So CA at Devore, 210 frwy...
May 8, 2011
Letter to AANR
Here is a point that as a single male I DO NOT understand and hope that someone can shed some light on...if resorts (and they say this all the time) want to maintain a "balance of singles to married ...
May 3, 2011
sucks being single vs nudist
I must disagree about AANR being anti-single. AANR as an association is VERY singles friendly. They will sell a singles membership no questions asked. And to respond to a few of your points... ...
Apr 22, 2011
A woman's perspective on protecting women
I hope some other women do respond too, because I would like to hear as many opinions as I can. Your proposed scenario about singles meeting sounds like "heaven". I can't help but feel the stigm...
Apr 19, 2011
Social Nudism and its beginnings to Now
Social nudism to me is about getting together in real life. I find the internet to be kind of a "virtual" social environment. It's nice, but nothing is better than true face to face meets. Back i...
Apr 19, 2011
About Individuals
"individual", "single", "solo", the term used is of no importance. The fact that it is used to dissuade unaccompanied males is the issue. Unaccompanied females are usually always welcome. I was at the...
Aug 5, 2010
Membership matters?
Another issue of the ANNR Bulletin has arrived with a lecture on the importance of being a member. We read all about threatened nudist beaches, obscure obscenity legislation that may in theory affect ...
Aug 5, 2010