Skinny Dippers and Chubby Dunkers

A group for all who like to swim for fitness, sport, or recreation and detest bathing suits. Please note: If you have a BLANK or PRIVATE profile, your membership request will be denied. Profiles must include info in all areas of your profile. Thanks!

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Heartland Naturists Festival 2015
Mark your calendars to join us for the Heartland Naturist Festival a two-day family-friendly naturist festival full of activities, including our 14th annual 5k Sun Run will be July 11-12, 2015 in Kans...
Dec 4, 2014
Heartland Naturists Festival 2014
The Heartland Naturist Festival is a two-day family-friendly naturist festival with lots of activities planned, with our 13th annual 5k Sun Run occurring on Sunday morning. The fun filled weekend will...
May 23, 2014
Nude swims in Kansas City
I attend monthly nude swims at an indoor, heated facility hosted by Heartland Naturist of Kansas City. It is an active, fun, and friendly group with games of water volleyball, using the slides, and lo...
Apr 21, 2014
Owner Wanted For This Group
Hello Members of Skinny Dippers and Chubby Dunkers, I'm Mike, the present "Owner/ Moderator" of this Group. I am looking for someone willing to take over the Group. If you would like to take on the r...
Oct 11, 2013
Biggest skinny dipping adventure
As a way to get to know one another, why don't we share our biggest adventure in skinny dipping? Maybe another topic could be our most risky skinny dipping experience. So let me start...for me it w...
Aug 4, 2013
Swimming Nude
Do you love the feel of the water on your skin? Do you enjoy the feel of stroking through the water and feeling it caressing you...all over? I always feel good while swimming and find the experience e...
Jul 22, 2013
Summer Time Nude Swimming
You are a lucky man, Jim, to have both a pool and a wife who enjoys it sans suit. I have the wife but not the pool. She and I have to be content with periodic visits to the closest resort some two h...
Jun 25, 2013
We're headed back to Hedo II
My new wife and I are headed back to Hedo II. We plan on going down in April 2012 to return to the skinny dipping (ok, chunky-dunking), nude snorkling, scuba diving, and sun-tanning down there. The al...
Aug 26, 2012
I grew up...
...loving the water. I swam every summer when the pools were open and went as much as possible. Whenever I was out camping I swam in streams and rivers and lakes, but never did I feel as good as the f...
Oct 15, 2011
Palm Springs, CA
We had thought of going PS in January, but weather doesn't sound so nice then. So we are planning on heading Maui instead....
Jan 23, 2011
Los Gatos, Ca. Nude Swimming
Hi! I am a member of Lupin Lodge, and would love to have some more enthusiastic swimmers and such come up during the week. Just email me if you are interested in getting something together ...
Jan 22, 2011
Skinnydipping in comfort, even in the middle of winter
Suzanne and I were pleased that our new home in Naples, Florida, had a swimming pool secluded from the neighbors, so we enjoyed swimming nude almost every day. But skinnydipping became increasingly ch...
Jan 22, 2011
Los Angeles / Long Beach area Dippers!
I'm living in LB and looking for some friendly folks nearby with a pool, or access to one! ...
Dec 1, 2010
Fort Lauderdale - Let's Swim Nude Together
Seminole is also less than G-rated from some of the legitimate reports I've seen. I used to live in FtL a VERY long time ago. Idid get away with skinnydipping after nightfall a couple of times in ...
Aug 25, 2010
Nude Run and Swim
The nude 5K at Olive Dell Ranch near Riverside California is April 18. Over 60 people already signed up from 22 - 70+. Hills are green, wildflowers are in bloom, pool is heating up and jacuzzi is alw...
Apr 11, 2010
Conversation Pools
Desent swimmer but won't make the Lifeguard finals! LOL We love conversation pools. Spend lots of time, when it's warm and the pool temp is warm, chatting with people and making new friends. Most...
Feb 7, 2010
Where is your favorite place to skinny dip in the winter?
The only option I have in NE Oklahoma is our hot tub. It is very large but not quite the same. In addition, my Brazilian daughter, who is very modest, insists I wear a swimsuit when she gets in with...
Jan 4, 2010
San Onofre Nude
interesting Ive not heard this...
Nov 27, 2009
Back to Jamaica!
Hello all you water lovers! This is Mike, your moderator. I'm headed back to the "all inclusive" resort in Jamaica thet I enjoy so much. I'll be there the first week of May and would sure like to have...
Mar 8, 2009
To all nude swimmers.
This is Mike, the moderator/ owner of our Skinny Dippers and Chubby Dunkers Group. For the next week I will be in Jamaica, swimming in the raw. I wish all of you the joy of nature in the nude I will b...
Aug 31, 2008